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Welcome to the Law Careers blog on Legal Career Web. Law Careers is intended to keep you current with the latest developments in legal careers, career trends, news you can use to advance your legal career, and career enhancing ideas, websites and resources.

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    Finding Your Niche, Part 2: Attorney Prison Blues

    This second blog in the LawCareers series on “connecting the dots” to identify job opportunities derives from one of the toughest legal career transition consulting challenges my former company faced. It is a remarkable turnaround story of finding opportunity within despair.

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    Finding Your Niche, Part 1: Death Becomes Her

    “Never Say Never.” That was the guiding principle under which my former company, the nation’s leading legal career transition firm, operated in assisting our clients transform their careers. Our philosophy was that we could find a niche in the broader legal market for anyone, regardless of their “baggage.” This blog series focuses on several of the most striking examples of this philosophy in practice, the idea being to emphasize the importance of honing your creative and dot-connection skills.

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    Job Opportunities in “Made in the USA”

    Increasingly, American consumers are becoming more discerning and patriotic when buying products. It is now common when out shopping to see customers examine country-of-origin labels when selecting clothing, food products, children’s toys, and even dog and cat food. Manufacturers sensitive to this trend now strive to slap “Made in the USA” labels on their products and advertise that fact. Surprisingly, this is generating a new “Made in America” legal practice area.

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