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    Getting “Legal Job Hip” with HIPAA

    On September 23, 2013, a host of new job opportunities opened up for attorneys, a phenomenon that is still playing out. The long-time-in-the making HIPAA Omnibus Rule went into effect, overwhelmed by the media blitz surrounding the healthcare.gov rollout and thus overlooked. The Omnibus Rule changes the privacy landscape in major ways that are having a significant impact on the legal job market.

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    Site Selection for Lawyers, Part 10: Where “Stakeholder Capitalism” Exists

    This 10th and last blog in the Site Selection for Lawyers series examines “stakeholder capitalism” and argues that wherever you find it might be a good place to locate your law practice and provide you with a solid professional future.

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    Site Selection for Lawyers, Part 9: The Next “Big Things”

    Major technology innovations and disruptions carry business along with them. Every major technological advance has been the engine for a large concentration of new businesses springing up around the core facilities.  Railroads and Chicago, steel and Pittsburgh, automobiles and Detroit, computer operating systems and Seattle, computer chips and Silicon Valley are all examples of this phenomenon. Today’s lawyers need to be “anticipators” of what, when and where this phenomenon is likely to occur, and plan accordingly.

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