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Welcome to the Law Careers blog on Legal Career Web. Law Careers is intended to keep you current with the latest developments in legal careers, career trends, news you can use to advance your legal career, and career enhancing ideas, websites and resources.

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    Dare to Be Different, Part 6—21st Century Networking: The Contacts Roadmap

    I developed and refined the idea of a “Contacts Roadmap” while heading America’s leading legal career information and outplacement consulting firm. For our clients, it transformed the way they thought about, prepared for, and went about networking. For them, networking went from something distasteful to something they anticipated with enthusiasm. The Roadmap concept can do the same for you.

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    Dare to Be Different, Part 5—21st Century Networking: Preparation

    Network! Network! Network! This is the job search mantra most frequently emphasized by career coaches, law school career offices, and just about every other legal career transition expert. They are not so wrong. However, what they do not do is arm you with the tools you need to perform this important function effectively and, equally important, without fear or feeling like a supplicant. This blog—and the next two—attempt to fill that vacuum with tried and true success strategies.

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    Dare to Be Different, Part 4—Scoring with Your Writing Sample

    Like employment references, writing samples have traditionally been considered an afterthought by most legal job seekers and even prospective employers. In my previous blog, we saw how that attitude has undergone a sea change with respect to references. This blog attempts to demonstrate the same attitudinal change vis-à-vis writing samples.

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