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    Factoring Yogi Berra—Coping in an Insecure Legal World, Part 4: Legs and Regs

    Legislation and regulations (“legs and regs”) will always be with us. Moreover, they are “change agents,” always altering the legal scene, including the legal employment tableau. Sometimes they do that in subtle, almost unnoticeable ways; other times, their impact is massive. And that means uncertainty, volatility, disruption, and…opportunity.

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    Factoring Yogi Berra—Coping in an Insecure Legal World, Part 3: Technology

    Technology moves forward in explosive bursts, these days literally at the speed of light. Meanwhile, law plods along like the tortoise in Aesop’s iconic fable. Only in this day and age, it the hare—technology—that always wins. That can mean one of three things for your legal career.

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    Factoring Yogi Berra—Coping in an Insecure Legal World, Part 2: The Business Cycle

    Knowledge is power, as Francis Bacon said. That has taken on new meaning and heft in the Information Age. While a cliché, it is a critically important one where the future of law and your career are concerned. Werner Heisenberg’s Uncertainty Principle is very much alive and kicking when it comes to predicting, and preparing for, your legal future. This blog looks at the many and varied threats that you have to know about and against which you need to protect yourself.

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