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    Site Selection for Lawyers, Part 5: We “Shale” Overcome

    The “Shale Revolution” is upon us. The technologies that have leaped to the fore of energy extraction in the last decade have completely transformed the global energy markets and accomplished a “180” that a generation-plus of Presidents and Congresses failed to do and gave up on after seeing only darkness at the end of the tunnel. But the U.S. rise from the depths of energy dependence to the number one fossil fuel producer on the planet has not come without its challenges and disturbing questions. The good news for lawyers is that job and career opportunities are being generated on both sides of the energy "revolution."

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    Site Selection for Lawyers, Part 4: The Cluster Effect

    Attorneys naturally want to go where potential clients have put down roots. Among the best places to do just that are business “clusters,” concentrations of companies that opt for a particular location because other companies—in their industry, in compatible industries, or their suppliers—are there. Moreover, clusters tend to attract other businesses, so the client pool is never static and always growing.

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    Site Selection for Lawyers, Part 3: Where Business Flocks

    Savvy lawyers position themselves for success. They do this not only by seeking out practice areas that are thriving, have staying power, and are destined to grow even larger. They are also sophisticated enough to know that geography is all-important. As with real estate, the bottom line is: location, location, location. Businesses know this, too. They do a great deal of research before locating, relocating, or expanding in a particular area. Follow their lead.

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