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    The “Competency Resume” Wins the Day

    Several months ago, I wrote a LawCareers blog in this space suggesting that readers consider moving away from the traditional resume and toward a “competencies” approach to getting their credentials in front of a prospective employer. Now I want to share with you some empirical evidence of how well this can work.

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    Storytelling Your Way to a Job

    I just returned from a Churchill tour of England to mark the 50th anniversary of the great man’s death.  The tour leader, recently retired from his lifetime job as senior historian of both the Imperial War Museum and the Churchill Museum, had us all riveted for the entire duration of the tour. Not because of his command of the historical facts, but rather because of his storytelling: he was able to relate hundreds of anecdotes about his subject. It was captivating and unforgettable.

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    The Secret Energy War and You

    The very public war being waged by Saudi Arabia and its OPEC minions against the U.S. drive for energy independence is all over the media. But there is another, much quieter energy war going on way below the radar, one that is for the soul of the energy distribution industry. Its outcome will affect Americans for years to come and is having a profound, positive effect on legal employment.

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