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    Baby, You Can’t Drive My Car….

    Readers of my Law Careers Blog know that I am a huge proponent of looking for legal and law-related job and career opportunities in what I call the “Law-Technology Gap.” The gap is the no-man’s land between the state of a technology and the state of the law scrambling to understand, catch up and regulate it. Examples abound in telecommunications, pharmaceuticals, medical devices, digital records, drones, and many more disruptive technologies. Regarding autonomous vehicles, the gap is a chasm, chock full of opportunity.

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    Jess Green’s Law Practice Success Maxims

    The late Jess Green, Esq., was a legal phenomenon, a respected national practitioner who, counterintuitively, operated from a home base in little, remote Ada, Oklahoma. Prior to his passing, he shared the precepts and principles that had informed his phenomenally successful legal career. They are worth considering by any practitioner or law student.

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    “Debrief” Yourself after Each Legal Job Interview

    Winning the legal job interview is the key to the mint. Interviews are highly stressful situations and are often the sad end of the exercise for many job aspirants. However, there is much to learn from a job interview, provided that you engage in honest self-analysis. If you do this, you cannot help but improve your performance and, consequently, your competitiveness, the next go-round.


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