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    “Auto” Autos

    How will driverless cars and trucks (autonomous vehicles) change law practice? The answer for many practitioners is: profoundly. Their arrival on America’s roads will trigger another demonstration of Austrian economist/political scientist Joseph Schumpeter’s concept of “creative destruction,” the messy way that innovation wipes out old ways of doing things and replaces them with new ones. The implications for attorneys are both bad and good.

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    Bad Drafting: The Legal Job Seeker’s Best Friend

    The more vague and ambiguous a statute or regulation, the more it tends to generate job and representation opportunities for attorneys. Keep this in mind when you examine a new piece of legislation or a proposed or final regulation for possible prospects.

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    Hidden Gems—Another “Separation” Strategy

    Even in an era when congress is hopelessly gridlocked and presumably incapable of functioning like a real legislative body, certain new laws nevertheless slip through. They are generally lightly or even unreported by the media because such successes go against the prevailing journalistic theme that Congress is completely dysfunctional. Nevertheless, they are worth monitoring by legal job-seekers because, sometimes, there are gems hidden in the turgid language of the law.

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