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    Legal Careers in “Catch-Up” Law I - Overview

    Technological progress moves ahead rapidly.  Law moves ahead very slowly.  You can identify legal job opportunities in the chasm created by the different speeds at which technology and law travel.  This blog is the first in a series that will examine where the attorney and law-related jobs are in practice areas that are affected by the law’s struggle to catch up with technology.

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    Don’t Buy Into the “No Legal Jobs” Mantra

    You do yourself a huge disservice if you accept as gospel the incessant braying of the legal media – and more recently the mainstream media – that law school is a big waste of time and money because there are no jobs available at the other end.  Hogwash!  If you are a regular reader of this Law Careers blog, you know that this is simply untrue.

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    Lessons from the Legal Job Wars VI – Sucking Up ≠ Networking

    I keep reading career books that advise job seekers that, for networking to work, they need to offer something tangible in return to their prospective contacts.  One of my clients took that philosophy to ridiculous lengths and had nothing to show for it.  There is a much, much better way.


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