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    A Legal Career at a New Federal Internet Agency?

    A debate is percolating somewhat under the radar about whether there is a need for a new federal agency to monitor the Internet.  You might find this odd, considering that the headlines and top-of-the-fold news stories are all about reining in government.  But then, what isn’t odd and inconsistent about government?  That makes predictions difficult, other than that any new federal initiative almost always impacts positively on attorney employment.

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    Lessons from the Legal Job Wars III

    This is the third installment of instructive lessons that can be learned from legal job candidates who did things “their way.”  Disasters and calamities contain many valuable life lessons.  It may not, for example, be such a great idea to buy a retirement home adjacent to the Morganza Spillway in Louisiana.  Good luck obtaining flood insurance.  Legal job-search disasters are equally instructive.  Here are two more – and the lessons we can learn from them – straight out of my archives.

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    A Legal Career in Collaborative Divorce

    One of the more interesting developments in the fast-changing arena of family law practice is the concept of “collaborative divorce.”  Before you discount this practice as yet another Kumbaya moment, read this blog and find out how this slant on matrimonial practice could enhance your bottom line.

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