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    “Creative Destruction” in Legal Jobs IX – IP Law: Technology Transfer

    Technology transfer - the commercializing of technological innovation - is alive and kicking vigorously in the United States and around the world.  The 2008 economic meltdown hardly slowed its progress and, in many areas, even accelerated it because of its job-creation potential and the need on the part of corporations and research institutions to squeeze as much value as possible out of their intellectual property and other intangible assets.  Its attractiveness as a law practice specialty is, surprisingly, not restricted to attorneys who also happen to have a science, engineering or technology background.

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    “Creative Destruction” in Legal Jobs VIII – IP Law: Copyrights

    For the first 99 percent of its history, Copyright Law could probably proclaim that it was the quietest, calmest backwater of all law practice areas.  Copyright Law was eminently predictable, including the nature of the issues that might be litigated (rarely).  For the most part, it meant filing a copyright application with the U.S. Copyright Office at the Library of Congress and imprinting a copyright notice on a publication.  What few copyright lawyers there were lived long, peaceful, stress-free, low pulse rate lives unencumbered by the high tension and uncertainty attendant on so many other practice areas.  Not anymore.

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    “Creative Destruction” in Legal Jobs VII – IP Law: Trademark Practice

    This “Creative Destruction” series Law Careers blog describes Trademark Law from a legal career perspective, newly energized by a variety of developments this century that have transformed the practice... and the opportunities.  The destruction of the developed world’s economies since 2008 has actually rendered trademark practice more alluring, due to the heightened awareness on the part of companies that they need to maximize their revenues from existing intellectual property assets.

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