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    The Unreal World of Residential Real Estate Law

    Real estate law practice has undergone a 180 degree change in the past three years.  Until 2008, practitioners who concentrated on residential real estate closings and refinancings thrived.  Mortgage interest rates were low, housing prices had been rising for years, and Americans were cashing in on the surplus equity in their homes in order to maintain and even improve their lifestyles.  That has all changed.  But opportunities still exist.

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    IP: Where the United States Still Reigns Supreme

    The International Monetary Fund and the World Bank recently released statistics on country-by-country licensing and royalty payments and receipts.  What these numbers show is how far ahead of the rest of the world the United States is when it comes to innovation.  The U.S. is the world’s innovation leader by far. What we invent, the rest of the world wants. And that means pluses for American attorneys seeking a lively career in the dynamic and rapidly changing world of intellectual property and international trade and investment.

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    Lessons from the Legal Job Wars II

    This is the second in an occasional blog series on this topic.  You can learn a great deal about legal job hunting from the sad experiences of attorneys who were unfortunately guilty of job-search acts of commission…or omission.  Here are two calamitous job interviewing goof-ups that drive home what candidates should – and should not – do if they want to prevail in the legal job wars.

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