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    Mining for Legal Jobs in a Polarized World, Part IV – Intellectual Asset Management

    Part IV in this Law Careers blog series on where to look for legal jobs in an environment marked by polarization, political deadlock, and general inability of opposing parties and institutions to agree on anything, turns its attention to intellectual property asset management, also known as intellectual asset management (IAM).  IAM is hot and growing hotter, thanks to the paradigm shift in corporate assets from tangible products to intangible, knowledge-based assets, now comprising close to 80 percent of all corporate value.  One of the principal results of strong IAM is an active technology commercialization program (see Mining for Legal Jobs in a Polarized World, Part III).

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    Mining for Legal Jobs in a Polarized World, Part III – Technology Transfer

    If you think that legal and law-related job opportunities are about to disappear because the federal government is paralyzed by polarization, you’re wrong.  This third Future Interests blog in this series describes one of the most interesting areas of legal endeavor going on under the radar and independent of what government does or does not do and how the private sector reacts to government action or inaction.  Technology transfers create more jobs – legal jobs included – over time than anything that comes out of Congress with a job creation label.

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    Mining for Legal Jobs in a Polarized World, Part II

    Legal Jobs and law-related opportunities tend to emerge whenever bubbles burst.  What is bad for the economy is often good for attorneys, who are called in to clean up the mess when irrational exuberance goes viral and annihilates itself.  The classic case of this?  The reaction to the meltdown of the financial services industry.

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